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The beginning project, like a simple blog of informations and suggestions for traveling to the Amalfi coast, evolved automatically when in 2021,  I met my fiancé Roberta, who already had a 10 years experience as travel agent, for an international and prestigious tour operator in Sorrento. We both believed that we could mix our knowledges to offer a unique and tailor-made experience for each customer. An ideal mix to satisfy all those who are not just planning a trip, but are looking for "a memory to keep over time!".
That’s how my cooperation with Goldentours International  began, a tour operator in the heart of Sorrento since 1957. We are really pleased to collaborate with a such historical agency that has been working at the service of its customers for over 50 years and therefore marries beautifully with our business idea.

"Share your dreams with us, we will make them happen!" 



Because we strongly believe that a holiday must start even before leaving, and therefore during the various bookings for accommodations, tours and the purchase of tickets.
It is our concern to let you access the best offers on the market, the best tours without waiting lists and without hidden costs and above all we will take care of everything you need for your holiday, based on your needs and requests.
We will collect everything you need and forward everything in advance. Alternatively, we will wait for you on site to welcome you and deliver your file in person.


What's better than a person who follows you step by step during the planning of your trip and all bookings, takes care of your travel documents, travel connections, itineraries and above all your wallet?
Simple ... a PERSONAL ASSISTANT on site, who will make you live your experience to the full, who will show you the glimpses that you cannot grasp on your own, who will guide you on tours and along all your reservations ... you will practically travel without the annoying thought of "what did I forget this time ?!".
We will take care of everything, before, during and after your trip! ¹


Why we think you need this assistance:

  • Customers demand constant accessibility.
  • Customers don’t Like to wait.
  • Customers needs to feel safe and secure
  • Hosting people implies being always available.
  • We love our customers for real.



You still don't know where to go and how many hours you need? Then the chauffeur service is what you should looking for. A large choice of Mercedes Van is available for all your needs, to accompany you during the day.

* Mercedes sedan car setup for maximum 2 people,
Mercedes Minivan setup for maximum 7/8 people.
The services are available 24/7 


Book your private luxury transfer and we will guarantee you a licensed driver with Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8 or similar category, limousine service, vintage vehicles (for weddings and special private party) and much more.

Top driver, top car, top class! ¹



More goes into their Lacryma Christi wines than just grapes: the Russo family of Cantine del Vesuvio has been carrying on an ancient and delicate passion for years, such as the cultivation of a and production of "Lacryma Christi" wine.
The land: tour their 16 hectares of vineyard, planted in the volcanic soil on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.
The people: meet Maurizio Russo, the youngest of this historic family of vintners.
The labor: see how their family has worked these hills every day since 1948 to create a winery which combines the rigours of organic production with the warmth of Italian hospitality. 
They only produce a limited number of bottles a year, all of which are sold directly from their own wine shop.

  • Lacryma Christi wine tasting
  • Vineyard walks
  • Winery visits
  • Cooking class (by chef Ester)
  • Piennolo tomatoes testing spaghetti



During this tour will be tasted 7 typical local cheeses to permit guests discovering a world of amazing flavours and fine aromas. The seasoned Caciotta Massese, the Provolone del Monaco, the Riaviulillo, the Puzzuttella massese, the Caciocavallo, the sheep’s milk cheese Caciotta, and fresh Mozzarella cheese with demonstration to famous treccia of Sorrento.
(About 4 hrs tour)


The oil masters will accompany you throughout your excursion, wandering amongst the ancient olive trees on our estate. They will tell you about the history and the tradition of producing olive oil in Sorrento. You will get the chance to see all the tools that were required in times gone by for the pruning and the pressing. Then finally you will learn about all the stages required in order to produce our wonderful oil. You will truly experience the intense tastes and aromas that our beautiful country has to offer. Other than sampling our extra virgin olive oil DOP, you will also try the varieties that are flavored with Sorrento’s Lemons, or oranges, truffles and chillies amongst others. Whilst you are sampling our staff will explain all about the organic production, as well as hints and tips on how best to use these oils.
(About 1 hr 30 minutes tour)


Customers will learn to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza. They will have the opportunity to make their own pizza. From the pizza dough to the making of their Pizza (with our farm tomatoes, basil and mozzarella-cheese) cooked in a wood oven. They will also learn how to prepare the famous Neapolitan fried pizza and the “panzerotto” which is part of the classic Neapolitan street-food a typical dish of southern Italy. At the end they will receive a personal receipt book via email. ¹


Welcome in the kitchen with a smile and fresh cocktail. You will prepare from the scratch 3 different shapes of homemade pasta with easy-to-follow recipes to take home: handmade fettuccine, handmade ravioli, handmade lasagna. You will then finally enjoy the dishes prepared together, served with local wines, craft beers from Sorrento, water, coffee and limoncello. At the end of the lesson take with you as souvenir your Nonna Flora apron and notebook!
 (About 3 hrs tour)


During the school it will be explained what ingredients and what techniques to use to have a good handmade gelato. At the end of the demonstration, participants will be invited to taste the produce of the moment and will also be able to choose between the various flavors of daily production in the exhibition window. ¹ 


An amazing stop on the Amalfi coast road is in Furore, for your visit of Marisa Cuomo Winery, located on the steep slopes that stretch out in the sun and rocks and plunge into the crystal-clear water of the Amalfi Coast. The vineyards of Cantine Marisa Cuomo dominate the “Fiordo di Furore” fjord overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. You will visit the estate’s cellars and vineyards, sample the unique flavour of its extreme wines and taste the gastronomic specialities of Furore.
(About 2 hrs tour)


Immerse yourself in the history of paper masters by visiting the Paper Museum, a fascinating place, located inside a still functioning medieval paper mill, where you will discover the tools of work, the production phases and all the curiosities of a hundred-year history that is still carried out by a few artisans. During the tour we will show you how to make a handmade Amalfi paper sheet. After discovering the production process of the precious craft paper, still in great demand by artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, you will visit our lemon groves and much more...

(About 3 hrs tour)


Today the guided tour to the lemon garden will start with a welcome drink and the explanation of how to cultivate the “Amalfi Coast Lemon” I.G.P.You will discover some secrets about the multiple uses of this fruit unique in the world, either in the culinary and therapeutic fields. Visit of the collection center which cures the selection process and the manufacturing of the “Amalfi Coast Lemon” and of the small craft distillery "Terra di Limoni". Presentation of the famous "Limoncello" and his production process, accompanied by the tasting of the traditional liquors. At the end of the day each participant will be honored with a small container with typical "Amalfi Coast Lemon" I.G.P.
(About 3 hrs tour)


A plant nursery tour with a lab and introducing of the ovale sorrentino lemon history, the planting demonstration, the plantation and pruning of this plant; Then departure from the plant nursery to the Terranova farmhouse where our executive chef will welcome and reveal the several lemon uses in the kitchen. The “Ovale Sorrentino” lemon can be emptied, grated, peeled, squeezed and stripped. In short, an ingredient at 360° of numerous uses. ¹


Sometimes it is also nice to have fun with food and stroll through the streets munching on something fried, greasy or local specialties. That's why we thought of a gastronomic tour in the heart of Sorrento, through the best places where you can try small local specialties typical of the tradition and at the same time live a real day as a local.

(About 1 hr 30 minutes tour)


We will meet in the center of Sorrento, where your instructor will deliver the bike and the necessary equipment. Starting from Sorrento we will cross the villages of S. Agnello and Piano di Sorrento, an uphill road leading to the Colli di Fontanelle. From this point on the road will be downhill; it is one of the most panoramic roads in Italy. In front of you all you can admire the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Along the way you can make short stops to take some pictures or taste a fresh lemonade at one of the characteristic fruit carts. Once you arrive in Positano, you will have time to walk through the beautiful streets and reach the beach.


Just outside the city center you will be inspired by the enchanting landscapes between olive groves and local crops. Here in this beautiful scenaries, we will have the opportunity to visit a family-run farm. The owner of this company is a highly specialized agronomist who will show us the methods of organic cultivation, which respect tradition, with a wink to the discoveries of science in full respect of nature. In this little corner of paradise, we could then collect the vegetables to prepare our own 0 Km salad. Not just salad, there will be a taste of local products, from salty to sweet, all combined with extra virgin olive oil and local wine. An afternoon dedicated to discovery and pleasure.

(About 3 hrs tour)


The fishermen of O'Puledrone restaurant based in Marina Grande, organizes fishing tourism excursions in the Gulf of Sorrento and Naples for its customers. An opportunity to experience the culture of the sea, to know and appreciate its knowledge of a fishing culture that resists over time. The boat trip lasts about 3 hours and ends with the tasting of the fish specially cooked by the chef.
Probably a more unique experience than rare to live directly on site, during your holiday, to feel without doubt an integral part of the place and above all to taste the fruit of "your work" directly on the table. ¹


“Even a simple salad, if enjoyed in a breathtaking location, can make you live an unforgettable experience”: A unique picnic-style food experience, during which you can learn more about the use of wild herbs and edible flowers, enjoying the scents and colors of the Mediterranean region


From the peaks of Vesuvius, a three hundred and sixty-degree viewpoint that alone would be enough to repay the ascent, opens up the horizon towards the eastern plain, from the dense curtain of the Vesuvian municipalities to the metropolitan city, up to the enchantment of the gulf, the area flegrea, Ischia, Procida, to the west, to the magical profile of Capri, to the South.
It is the most famous volcano in the world, protagonist of over two millennia of natural, anthropological and social mutations that still capture the collective imagination and threaten surprises.¹



Walk with the Gods! Probably one of the most famous hikes all over Italy. Hiking in between the sky and the sea, from
the marvelous Path of the Gods it is possible to admire one of the most breathtaking panoramas on earth: a stunning view of the Amalfi Coast which ranges from the archipelago of the Sirens to the Island of Capri. In this spectacular scenery, there will be for sure a chance to meet local shepherds and farmers. Through old vineyards, terraces, farmhouses and monasteries, you will have the feeling of being in a beautiful painting with an ever-changing landscape.¹



In addition to traditional guided tours with an authorized tour guide, thanks to our partnership.
This is an innovative tour that makes the classic guided tour inside the archaeological excavations of Pompeii even more interesting thanks to its use of Virtual Reality with "SAMSUNG 3D VIEWER". The visitor will have the opportunity to admire, going beyond the imagination, the unfolding of city life before the eruption of 79 AD.
The tour is always carried out with of a Storyteller, an authorized and highly specialized guide, who will accompany the participants on this wonderful journey.

"Seeing is believing"


Have fun together with qualified instructors trying to stand on the water! We will give you all the equipment to leave for an unforgettable experience. You can train and learn this fascinating discipline together with our instructors, visit the coast from the sea and swim in the open sea. What is the Stand up Paddle? The Stand Up Paddle, in the acronym SUP, is the word used to say you stand up on a table and move using a paddle in the water. The SUP is the meeting point between the Surf and the Canoe, from the surf it takes the characteristic to run on the water standing up on a board and to be able to ride the waves, and from the canoe inherits the paddle, with which you paddle standing up.

(About 2 hrs tour)


You will meet your guide at the pebble beach of Marina del Cantone. After having received all the equipment, you will start kayaking to reach the splendid Ieranto Bay. Located directly in front of Capri, Ieranto Bay opens onto a natural scene of such beauty that the Sirens themselves chose it for their home. According to Pliny the Elder, it was precisely here that Ulysses encountered them on his way back to Ithaca, as recounted by Homer in the Odyssey. Ieranto is recognized as a Site of Community Importance, and is included within the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella.
(About 2 hrs tour)


Dedicate to you, in search of the balance between body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga. No experience is needed, only passion and curiosity to discover your body through movements. The lesson is therefore open to everyone, Yoga practitioners and beginners. Hatha Vinyasa Yoga will be practiced combining Asana, static positions with dynamic ones to explore the mobility of one’s body through the synchronization of breath and movement.
(About 1 hrs tour)

We tell you a secret...

... We have just listed some of our most requested services, many other tours, experiences, classes and activities are available and mixable at your convenience.
Just ask and we'll take care of the rest.

"don't tell anyone... 😉" 

¹Reservation required at least 3 days before the service

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