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Our company was founded in 1955 by my grandfather and is now managed by my father Antonio. In the 2013 my brother Max and I joined the family business with hopes to change the traditional conception of “taxi drivers”. We are the youngest and only twin brother taxi drivers on the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. We stand for honesty and exceptional service. Our only wish is to share the simple beauty of the Coast with others. This is not  just a company, but a mission based service to share the beauty of our home and the stories of our ancestors with others.


Piazza Tasso, Sorrento


If you need just a ride from your hotel or from the restaurant you are, we will be available to pick you up and bring you everywhere you prefer to go. We work legally with taximeter and without hidden fees or surprises at the arriving point... we work differently! We don't care if the ride is short or long, we just have care of our customers and their experience in Sorrento. We think that the best business card is being simply yourself, with a pinch of creativity and professionalism.
This is the "Taxi 29 way to work".

Unknow man waiting in the airport


At the last moment did you decide to leave? But you didn't plan nothing, you don't know how solve the problem, or maybe nobody is available?  Well , we can offer you a 24/7 taxi service at a legal price( established by the taximeter) always with a Mercedes Van with all the comfort (such as Air conditioning, leather seats, english speaking drivers, privacy windows and free Wi-Fi on board). We just offer professionalism and we guarantee your transfer until your arriving at your destination. All the main connection points like airports, stations and ports are available with us.

Positano view


Is your first time on the Amalfi coast, between Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, or maybe is your tenth time here but you have never lived a full immersion experience ?! We can help you to solve this problem, with the drivers who speaks English, the comfort of the Mercedes Vans and above all the scents, the colors, the voices and enchanting landscapes of the Amalfi coast. Finally you can go home saying :"At last I succeeded. I fell in love with the Amalfi coast!".
Seeing is believing.

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My grandfather first car bought in 1955


At customers service since 1955...

photo of my  grandfather near his first car bought

My grandfather Antonino nicknamed "Paolillo"

The whole story starts with him, the man in the photo up here, Antonino Iaccarino, Paolillo, my grandfather.
He loved cars and trucks since he was a child, so as soon as he got the driving license,  he started driving by himself and he decided to follow the road of the truck driver and freight. There are numerous architectural works carried out in the Sorrento Peninsula thanks to the work of my grandfather Antonino, did with zeal and dedication, especially during his first years of driving.

After some time, however, something made him change his mind: he felt that his days were passing by too far from his family and beloved people, so although his passion for trucks was huge he decided to open a company of chauffeur service (N.C.C.) and taxi, changing his beginning project.
This is how the company "Paolillo" was born, carried on and cultivated with so much passion and dedication over many years up to the coming of his two sons, first Paolo and then Antonio, and together dedicated themselves to the growth of the company.
After about 10 years of collaboration, the two brothers thought to expand the family business by dividing the tasks and licenses and they started to work both of them independently.

This was the moment when Antonio decided to bet on himself, dealing exclusively with the taxi in his hometown, Sant'Agnello, and began to cultivate a job that until then had not been very successful in the town.

The following years were difficult, with very few trips with taxi, many hours of waiting spent under the rain and under cold temperature, without many rewards from the area.
Between sacrifices and problems, he bited the bullet and always looked ahead, with just one goal: being independent and honoring the memory of his father.

He had his own family, two twins and a lovely and devoted wife, so he began to work hard and dedicates himself body and soul to his first real dream: being a true taxi driver!

About 18 years passed and in 2012 he finally managed to win the bet he made in a garage with himself, many years before.
After spending his youth, working and sweating, everything finally seemed like a dream for Antonio: he managed to carry out the project of a lifetime, finally being the owner of a company in an important working center like Sorrento!

Thanks to many sacrifices, the love and the support of his family and the dedication spent for years, everything bore was good and well-deserved fruits:

🎉 He finally got the Taxi n° 29 in Sorrento 🎉

His twins were only 21 years old and in 2014 he thought to teach them the family business and inserting them into the world of work.
He spent many days, during the winter time, to show them the secrets of the work, the corners of paradise of our land in order to show them, between a ride and another, to the tourists, and gave us responsibility to face this job. 

And here we are, after about 8 years, me(Roberto) and my brother Massimiliano, carrying on what our father has handed down to us, trying to modernize and improve this business, honouring him in the same way he did with his father, to let he be proud of us.


We seriously believe that helping others is one of the best things you can do.  This is why we have transformed a simple job into a passion and above all a moral commitment to our customers and our tourists.



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